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Welcome to The Ruby Element. [style] + [beauty] + [travel] + everything in between. I hope you enjoy your stay! x

[Words of Encouragement]

[Words of Encouragement]

When the difference between your and you're starts to blur and you yet again leave your cell phone at the restaurant, there is nothing more necessary that a good 'ol fashioned motto or perhaps le motto to liven up your spirits and boost your mental health for the week. I partnered up with Le Motto again to introduce their new couture collection and adorable clutches. I appreciate a brand who cares about giving back to the community and I love that Le Motto has come up with more delicious goodies to support this mission. This tee is the softest of the soft with the perfect slouch factor to give even my most beloved boyfriend tees a run for their money. I've been wearing this baby consistently for several weeks now and have paired it every which way. Shredded jeans and loafers, midi skirt and oxfords, cut offs and boots--a great thing about basic tees is that it goes with almost anything. Even better that some of Le Motto's profits go to causes that support anti-bullying and anti-violence. More words of encouragement for y'all.

These days your girl has been juggling school, work, familial duties, preparing for a move, as well as trying to upkeep this blog for y'all! I've been happy to do it but I must admit keeping a calm mind is hard to do when you are thinking of a million things you have to do and do well. That's why I've been making an effort to take breaks, have lunch dates, prioritize my to-do list, cancel out the excess, and ask myself, "Is this working towards the future I want?" Don't be afraid to say no and as a wise man once told me, "Take care of yourself and then you can take care of others." Thankful that this tee has been sharing that same mentality I've been feeling the past couple of months. "More blessed, less stressed." Another reason why I love wearing this shirt. 

Same can go for this clutch. "More action. Less Distraction." Time to do more things that work towards the life I want and eliminating the distractions that take me away from it. This week I've been doing just this and I dare y'all to do the same. Enjoy 30% off from the Youth, Men's, Couture, and Clutches collections by Le Motto by using discount code: "ruby" at checkout! Promo ends this Sunday, November 9, 2014, so don't miss out!



What I'm Wearing:

[Ray Ban Wayfarers]

[OAK NYC leather jacket]

[Le Motto Tee]

[Dani Collection Lace Skirt]

[Le Motto Clutch]

[Jeffrey Campbell Soiree Sandals]

Shot by Nicole

[Hot and Delicious]

[Hot and Delicious]

[Always Me x The Ruby Element: Noire]

[Always Me x The Ruby Element: Noire]