[Weekend Wear]

Big hats plus ruffled dresses equals perfect weekend wear. Nothing like big ruffles and cut-out shoulders to make you feel like a girl again. I think the shoulders are the most under-rated part of the female body. Showing just a peek of the shoulders give just the right amount of sexy. A no fuss, one step dressing routine is always a win in my book. It's the easiest way to dress up for brunch or a day date. This dress will be available tomorrow in my JYJZ boutique, which will finally be launching tomorrow! I am so excited! Stay tuned!


Also, how gorgeous is this hat? I snuck it out of my mom's massive hat collection. She is a hat person. I am a shoe person. It works out perfectly whenever we both need a quick wardrobe refresher. Fun fact: me, my sister, and my mom all have the same shoe size. It was definitely the worst  growing up but it's my favorite thing now. I always check my mom's closet first before looking to commit to any huge purchases. She always has the best things. It's my favorite place to shop by far.

I hope everyone enjoys their weekends! I'm quite excited for this one in particular! Follow me on Instagram @therubyelement to get a glimpse of what I'll be up to.

x [rp]

[the elements: hat | mom's, dress | JYJZcuff | Low Luv, Heels | Miss Guided]

Shot by David Hajoo Choi.