[Warm Neutrals]

Trying to get toasty with this ooey gooey marshmallow crop top and caramel suede skirt! My feet usually don't get cold and plus LA has her warm moments during the day so sandals seemed like a reasonable choice. I've also been in love with warm tones to go with my current hair color. I've always been one to opt for the black when in a black and tan dilemma but these warmer neutrals have been working with my faded bleached hair. This weather has gotten me in a cuddly mood so I've been getting more into K-dramas lately. Noo! So, I'm pretty sure that's the end of any free time as I know it. Anyways, if y'all like my skirt, it's currently on sale at Bloomingdale's! If you're more of a go in person type of gal and you're in the downtown area, drop by Dietch PR's holiday sample sale! Details are on my latest Instagram post! Alright, I hope y'all have an amazing weekend! Stay warm!