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[VSA Designs x The Ruby Element: Piccolo II]

[VSA Designs x The Ruby Element: Piccolo II]

Earlier this summer, I got together with Randy and Joyce to collaborate on VSA Designs' newest additions to their Piccolo collection. VSA Designs launched their first collection early this year featuring me as their cover girl. Woot! These minimal stack-ables were so popular they decided to create part dos to this beautiful collection. Their influences come from Mexico, their origins, giving recognition to a lot religious symbols, including their signature San Benito logo that they hand-make at the Vatican in Rome. Their first collection highlighted this symbol, which is supposed to protect you from your inner and outer demons, with minimalist charm. Barely there chains and stack-able necklaces, bracelets, and rings that were meant to be worn by itself or piled on. They even have extra loop holes on the chain necklaces to attach more necklaces onto each other to give the perfect layered look. For the second collection, a lot more material was incorporated, including tassels for long beaded necklaces, velvet for gothic-inspired chokers, and of course the many multi-colored stones that were all hand-picked in Central California. Seeing a lot of baja California influences, I thought of the idea of mixing elements of American Western looks with traditional Mexican attire, of course all modernized. Note the flare midi skirt seen in traditional Mexican style paired with the crisp white button down and wide-brimmed hat with round silver rimmed glasses, all elements alluding to the old West. I also like the mixing the ruffles and bright print associated with Mexican style, with the all-American classic lace-up boot. I had so much fun creating part dos of Piccolo for VSA Designs! Take a peek at the full lookbook on the homepage live now at! If you'd like me to share part one of my journey as the official Piccolo girl, please hit that heart at the bottom of the blog post or comment in the comments section! I love hearing from y'all! I hope you enjoy this visual story I created with VSA Designs!



[Fringe Top: Lucy Paris]

[Dress: Lucy Paris]

[Hat: H&M]

[Crop Top: KristinIt]

[Skirt: 7 FAM (OOS)]

Photos by Randy Tran

Hair + Makeup by Joyce Luck

Styling/Creative Direction by Ruby Park

[Warm Neutrals]

[Warm Neutrals]

[Black Friday]

[Black Friday]