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[Unbreakable + Newness from Showroom Joplin ]

[Unbreakable + Newness from Showroom Joplin ]

This "slash" generation as coined by Joe Zee, aka being an entrepreneur slash designer slash blogger slash etc. being healthy becomes a very elusive concept. It's hard to manage to finish all your projects, take on your different roles in multiple fields of interest, make sure all your clients are happy, whilst managing not to neglect the people in your life, and of course your pup (if you have one)-- everyday tasks become less prioritized. Your laundry is probably overflowing, your meals probably consist of a bar or juice/smoothie consistency and it's a miracle if you manage to work out. Everyday tasks are necessary to also keep you going. I managed to skip a lot of the health aspects of my life and definitely felt its effects all of last week. Being sick is no fun and not being able to do anything about it while in the moment is the worst feeling. Outside of not being able to do anything, it changes your mood and motivation, which are essential to living a fulfilling and happy life.

So, after last week, I made a vow to make time to have a decent meal 3 times a day, have a workout plan in mind, even if it's just walking around the neighborhood and squats. Keeping your body moving is the first step to getting onto that workout mindset. I'm not the working out type, so I have to figure out a class I can commit to to continue this health streak. I'm going to share with y'all some recipes I'm working on so stay tuned for that! I'm committed to being unbreakable. There are too many things to do, places to travel, and new chapters of my life to experience to be weighed down by something I can control. I make 'em do it! Haha. (ref. my new jam- Omarion- Post to Be)

In fashion news, Dennis and I got together again for a reunion photoshoot at the Showroom Joplin space and I could not be happier about the results. They have tons of new designers in store, including my favorites Amarilo and Haati Chai. Amarilo's newest Artemis collection just launched. Make sure to check it out here. So much gorgeousness happening. Michelle Hébert is among the newest additions in the wardrobe department and I must say dreamy is just one word to describe her pieces. Even her simple white crop tops (as seen below) are designed so elegantly. And an-all white romantic robe dress fitted with a gorgeous beaded collar is all you need in your life to feel like a modern day princess. Romantic European trip? Take me with one of everything from Michelle's collection. Haha. More photos from this photoshoot coming soon! Stay tuned! 




Shot by Dennis Lee.

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[NYFW Photo Diary]

[NYFW Photo Diary]