Tokyo Haul

What I miss most about Tokyo was not only the amazing sushi, but also the freedom in fashion people had over there. Regardless of the cold, they were never afraid to have fun with their outfits. Platform sneakers are to Tokyoites as the Converse sneakers are to Americans-- though in my opinion, these are much funner to wear. I always love wearing something with height when I'm wearing something short to elongate my legs. Of course, these eye-catching stockings were just the perfect amount of creepy and fun that I knew will be the POP to any outfit. I passed by these stockings twice before actually purchasing them. Though I made sure my sister knew the whole day prior how much I regretted not getting them. So, of course, on our second trip to Harajuku, I snatched them up without hesitation. I actually found this bomber jacket at Dong Dae Mun in Seoul, South Korea but I thought it tied in the whole look together. The color palette matched that of the socks and went perfectly with the denim dress I found in a tiny boutique owned by the cutest girls with the raddest style (photos to come!). All of these items were all very affordable, which was surprising since I thought most items from Japan would be expensive.

The finishing element of this outfit and my favorite everyday piece to wear is this necklace I snagged in a department store in Shibuya in a jewelry corner called Phoebe. There were all types of  gorgeous, delicate fine jewelry and I was excited to finally find a tiny cross necklace that had the perfect fit. I love where the cross lays on my neckline with just the right amount of bling to feminize the look without overpowering it. I also found the most amazing midi ring (seen here) that I lost on the plane ride to Seoul. Sob. You're welcome to whoever finds it! 

I have one more piece I bought in Tokyo that didn't quite fit with this look but I'll be posting a look with it very soon! Stay tuned, lovelies! 

x [rp]