[Sseko Designs: "30 Days, 30 Ways to Educate Women in Africa"]

Who wouldn't like to use fashion to empower and educate women in Africa-- especially when they are sandals as gorgeous as these? I have partnered with Sseko Designs to help raise awareness this month for their "30 Days, 30 Ways to Educate Women in Africa" campaign for Sseko's line of shoes that are enabling women in Uganda to break the cycle of poverty.

Living in a consumer-based society, it's easy to buy clothes, accessories, and shoes almost everyday. It is almost encouraged. But why don't we use our money towards a fashion choice that can actually help another human being? By wearing Sseko Sandals, you are helping women in Uganda save up money to go to a university to further their education and obtain their dreams. It is near impossible for citizens of impoverished countries such as Uganda, especially women, to receive the proper education to get a job in the formal sector. Only 2% of women even make it to universities. Sseko Designs hopes to change this.

Be a part of the movement: buy a pair of Sseko Sandals, sport it on the street and spread the word, click that "Share" button to bring more awareness to this amazing cause. Do something. Plus, for a fickle gal like me, I always appreciate a sandal that can be worn multiple ways. I also love that you can add or subtract any sandal accessories to personalize your Ssekos and truly make them your own. The perfect element to any outfit: a great cause.

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