[Springtime with Bare Anthology]

When it comes to spring, I want to live in dresses, rompers, and anything flowy. Thanks to Bare Anthology, I was able to feed my every spring need. I love springtime because it's every excuse to be a girl. Wearing dresses and beautiful crowns, light dewy makeup with just a little bit too much blush. Outside of the layers I love about winter and fall, spring gives us the opportunity to show off our femininity. Showing off a bit of skin after a long winter, really brings fashion to life! Tans can do that too. This vampire will be getting some well-needed vitamin D while she's out in the desert this weekend. In the meantime, let's spring into some of my favorite spring outfits! 

Thanks to Johnson for driving Hieu and me to Salvation Mountain! It was so beautiful there! I would definitely recommend a road trip out there if you're looking to take some beautiful photos. My Coachella giveaway is going to be announced soon so keep a lookout on my Instagram (@therubyelement)! I hope y'all have an amazing Monday! I'll be here just trying to contain my excitement for the amazingness that is about to incur in a few days... hint hint: Coachella, y'all. Thanks for stopping by!



What I'm Wearing:

[Bare Anthology]

Shot by Johnson Le.