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[Sparkle and Shine]

[Sparkle and Shine]

Today's the last day of 2014 and I must say looking back I had some good moments, some bad moments, and really really bad moments. Haha. Of course all moments I am grateful to have experienced so I can grow and learn from them! As the saying goes, there's only one direction you can go from here, and that's UP! So to kick off the first day of the year and symbolize my 2015 goals, I'm going to indulge myself in going back to this beautiful location and getting my hike on! Exercising is going to be my number one priority in the new year. That along with not pushing things off to "tomorrow", being on time, traveling more, finding more time for family and friends, revisiting my musical past, and learning this dance. I'm not a dancer by any means but have always been intrigued by this type of dance-- there's so much emotion and passion behind it and of course the song helps too. My current favorite. 

Tonight, I'm definitely going the dressier route because I feel as though I don't usually have opportunities to do so and it's the end of the year! You have to celebrate in your ultimate best. I've been really into ear cuffs and silver accessories lately. Majority of the time, I've been wearing gold or brass due to its more accessible nature, but I love the sleek quality of wearing silver or silvery tones like this crystal ear cuff by Kristin Perry. The perfect statement piece to dress up whatever you're wearing.

Thanks to the pops for this amazing new Furla handbag. I've been wearing it nonstop since I got it and I must say it's really been creating that edge all my outfits need-- it also came with its own wallet, which is great for me because I always tend to take everything out of my bigger wallet and stuff it aimlessly into smaller handbags or clutches when switching purses. I lahv it. Everything miniature form is just, well, the cutest thing ever. I need them in more colors!

For a special night out, like tonight, a few statement pieces ain't gon' hurt nobody! Don't be afraid to do a statement necklace with a statement ear cuff. I love this Day & Night necklace by Curiios because it has the spikes to keep it edgy with the delicate crystals to give an element of sophistication. I layered them with my perfectly minimal Shop Hulma pieces. I love the simplicity in the single crystal and bar to elevate even the chunkiest of statement necklaces to the next level. A giveaway is coming soon so make sure to follow me on Instagram to keep up to date! 

Onward ho! Tonight we drink, dance, and before all that get dressed up, duh! (my favorite part!) I cannot tell you how excited I am to start this new year. Many new things coming to TRE! I will be sure to update you all soon! Love you all! Here's to looking forward! May you sparkle and shine in the new year! 




What I'm Wearing:

[Kristin Perry Inc Ear Cuff]

[Shop Hulma necklaces]

[Curiios Night & Day Necklace]

[Fangophilia nail ring]

[Missguided Bralet]

[Bliss Tulle Skirt]

[Jeffrey Campbell Soiree Sandals]

[Furla Mini Crossbody]

[Zara Coat (old)]


[Pink Lady]

[Pink Lady]

[Into the Woods]

[Into the Woods]