I remember back in the day when all I wanted were new patches and pins on my gray Jansport backpack and anything from Hot Topic was a solid choice to go on my most looked forward to casual days at my middle school where uniforms were mandatory. How very insanely jealous I would be of present-day Ruby who is grabbing all kinds of cute Skelanimal goodies to wear. What is more is that I am able to share this goodness with all y'all. Wee! Enter to win a Skelanimal gift pack-- all you have to do is follow these rules!

1. Follow both @skelanimals_ and me (@therubyelement) on Instagram.

2. Tag 2-3 of your besties and tell us what animal is your spirit animal and why! Mine is a panda because I love to sleep, cuddle, eat, and I'm clumsy as hell. Here's my current favorite panda video.

Winners will be announced this Friday, February 19, 2016, at 5 PM (PST)! Good luck!

Also, I'm off to Vegas today for Magic! Holler if you're going to be there too! And of course, I'll be snapchatting the whole thing so if you won't be in Vegas this week, you can live it with me via snapchat (username: @therubyelement).