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[Ramos Carreon Salon Review]

[Ramos Carreon Salon Review]

Imagine walking into a crisp, elegant salon where your hair stylist greets you as soon as you walk in before your appointment time—no extra wait time. It is all about you. Getting your hair done is a time to pamper yourself, it is you time. You want to make sure that when you’re taking time out of your day, that you feel taken care of, listened to, and of course looking like a super model.


Well, these were my honest opinions as soon as I walked into the Ramos Carreon Salon in West Hollywood.

Philip really takes the time to listen to why you came to visit the salon. My main course of action: dry ends and uneven growth. So it was time to hear his expertise.

He took me immediately to get my hair conditioned with the salon’s go-to hair product line, Eufora. I’ve used their products before and was immediately drawn to the fact that it is an all organic line using ingredients classified as renewable and biodegradable, which means it’s good for the earth and you! Read more about Eufora’s story here.


After getting a quick blast from the hair dryer to increase the conditioning mask’s formula setting into my hair, I was taken in to get my hair washed.

With the ease of the comb moving through my hair, I already knew my hair was feeling nourished.


Now, the cut—we decided to go for a blunt cut to keep my short hair, which I am absolutely in love with. The ease of caring for and styling short hair is unreal. I highly recommend it for low-maintenance gals (when it comes to hair) like me!

To avoid split ends traveling upwards, which happens often with bleached hair like mine, Philip suggested to come in every 8 weeks for a quick trim. I would like to call it the pruning of your hair. It allows your hair to grow a lot healthier and quickly. Perfect! I’ll be scheduling another trim before my Hawaii trip in October. Done.


As we were discussing all that was good with early 00’s music and Britney (my ultimate teen idol), who he styled for in her golden years post-Crossroads movie pre-2007 meltdown, (yes, with the subtle name drop!)—we decided to go for a textured look which is something that’s easy to do with Eufora’s styling products. These two products together work their hair magic to create shine and lock in moisture and still maintain that body and style for the day. Honestly, I wore this hair style two days in a row and it still held strong so I highly recommend these two products for those who are not wanting to constantly retouch their hair everyday.



Here’s the final look! (Tap/click right of the photo to see more photos!) What do you all think? I honestly have been loving having short hair. If you want to know more about how I style my hair or what products I use daily, leave a comment below! And if you visit the Ramos Carreon Salon, make sure you tell them Ruby sent ya! ;) Happy beautifying, babes!



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