[Pinky Swear + Kushy Foot Review]

First of all, hello beautiful weather! I can get used to this. Of course, the day of shooting had to be a scorcher so I ditched the men's button-up I was originally wearing and threw on this loose-fitting blazer slash kimono business. I love this silhouette because it's feminine but structured so your outfit always looks put together. H&M has been doing a whole line of these kimono-like blazers and I can't get enough. They're actually having up to 30% off online sale through June 5 so I would definitely take advantage! (Click here for details.)

This was my first shoot with David Hajoo Choi. We immediately bonded over our love for tacos and day drinking... oh, and the fact that we're both Korean. Haha. I was excited when he hit me up because I've been seeing his work all over the Internet and I love his edgy style of photography-- on par with my personal style. I wanted to capture the city life of LA with summer influences and I couldn't be happier with the results. 

I love using same color tones to put together my looks and these days, I've been swearing by different shades of pink. I've been on a lipstick binge to prepare for the warmer weather and since most of my closet tends to yield pretty neutral colors, I like to play up my look with different shades of lipstick. This gem I stumbled upon while looking for an orange lipstick (which I will share with you guys in another post) and I couldn't be happier. For you MAC Rebel fans, this is a great summer alternative. It has much more of a pink undertone with a matte finish. Matte lipsticks are always a struggle to manage during the summer so make sure you are moisturizing your lips and using lip scrub at night before bed. I've been using Sara Happ Vanilla Bean Lip Scrub.

Kushy Foot saved my life by sending me these Flats-To-Go. I stash them in my clutch or purse whenever I know I'm going to be in heels for an extended period of time. It gives your feet a good break in between meetings or when changing into different shoes. No hot concrete on my feet for me! It comes in a cute pouch so it's easily portable and lightweight. For those of you who are avid heel and boot lovers, I would look into their slip on covers. They are the best for closed-toe pumps, flats, boots, or booties. I've of course worn them for all these things. They have the plushest heel so your tootsies get some extra cushion, something other slip-on covers don't have. I also love that they have the rubber traction inside of the slip-ons so your feet don't slide out-- another problem I used to have with slip-on covers in the past. Be sure to check them out at KushyFoot.com. They're super affordable and have all kinds of designs of slip-ons to fit your every shoe need my shoe-lovers.

[Kushy Foot Flats To Go in Snake Print]

[Kushy Foot Flats To Go in Snake Print]

[lips | MAC Flat out Fabulous, geometric chain | Miss Waxbralette | Love Junkeeblazer | H&M (sold out, similar here), home girls bracelet set | Miss Wax, Hellz Bellz x Miss Wax "Mi Vida Loca" rings | Miss WaxDIY boyfriend shorts | Charlotte Russe, rolled up clutch | Stylenandasandals | Franco Sarto (sold out, similar here)]

Shot by David Hajoo Choi.