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[Petit Sesame]

[Petit Sesame]

Hi y'all. It's Tuesday, one of the roughest days of the week so I thought I'd treat y'all to something delicious. How does two delectable rings from Petit Sesame sound to you? If not for you, these will be the perfect little Christmas present for that special someone. Yes, I'm talking to you, boyfriends! Pay attention. Every girl needs staple gold rings. These are perfect stacked or by itself. I've worn them to death since I've gotten them and in every which way possible. What I love about rings is that no matter how many you have, you'll always find a reason to wear them and the combinations you can create are endless. So what do you think? How will you style these gorgeous rings? I've chosen the arrow ring and the gold-plated signature ring to join my finger candy gang and now both can be yours by following 2 simple rules.

1. Follow @petitsesame and me (@therubyelement) on Instagram

2. Tell me what your favorite gold ring is from on my most recent Instagram photo featuring these rings.

Winner will be announced within 72 hours! PS even the packaging for these rings are super cute! Good luck!



[index: Black Market, middle: c/o  Petit Sesame , ring: c/o  Amarilo ]

[index: Black Market, middle: c/o Petit Sesame, ring: c/o Amarilo]

[middle: c/o Amarilo, midi: c/o PAB Jewellery, index: c/o Petit Sesame Gold-Plated Signature Ring]

[Oatmeal + Lattes]

[Oatmeal + Lattes]

[Commissary at The Line Hotel]

[Commissary at The Line Hotel]