Oh, Sh*t!

Oh, Sh*t! The rest of my Seoul and Tokyo trip haul finally made it on TRE! 

I had so much fun with this outfit. The pops of color in the denim collar inspired this K-Pop-like outfit. I doubled this Forever 21 dress seen here as a skirt. I felt like the black and white polka dot print contrasted well with the colors seen in the denim collar and matched the young, Pop-like theme this outfit was moving towards. And of course this sweater was everything I needed to complete this outfit--comfy, quirky, and cropped. Plus, I am a forever French bulldog fan! I'm hoping I'll have the time and backyard space to  house these cuties soon! Until then, I have this sweater.

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[the elements | Korea Pac Man Earrings & Oh'Shit! Sweater | Japan Denim Collar | MAC So Chaud | House of Harlow Mohawk Ring (similar) | Forever 21 Dress (similar) | Converse]

Shot by Ben Miller.

Source: www.therubyelement.com