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Welcome to The Ruby Element. [style] + [beauty] + [travel] + everything in between. I hope you enjoy your stay! x



No Coachella outfit would be complete without some type of kimono and crop top situation. I opted for a mesh kimono by AYA by DK over the typical fringe one to keep it modern and edgy. I also love that it's black so you can coordinate almost effortlessly. Black centers most of my looks but for this look, I wanted a pop of color to match the colorful vibes that is Coachella. So this Pima Doll knit bralette was a clear winner. Stacks of silver to match the cool tones of the look, fitted with my go-to booties this spring-- Call It Spring's Olaosien booties in Ice (how fitting.)


I've been trying out another part with my hair as you can see is blue instead of my usual purple. Thanks to the genius suggestion by James, I now have split personality hair for my split personality. Now I can simply change the part in my hair to get a subtle but different look. Sometimes little changes like that is all you need to refresh your look.

This little gem of a place was such a treat to find as you can see is filled with succulents and desert-like theme galore. Luis, Eunice, and I had a wonderful adventure in Echo Park and I must say has quickly become one of my favorite places to shoot. I love that it's not overly saturated with city life and we found peaceful scenery to match the desert of Indio.

For those of you not sure of what to bring to Coachella, a survival post is coming up along with additional giveaway items that will be added to the current one going on on my Instagram (@therubyelement) with Sky Lim. Stay tuned, bbs!




What I'm Wearing:

[Kerol D Hat]

[Pima Doll Bralette]

[AYA by DK Kimono]

[Haati Chai Choker (use dc: RUBY15 for 15% off)]

[VSA Designs Earrings + Necklaces]

[Levis 501s via Batoko]

[Haati Chai Belt]

[Call It Spring Booties]

Shot by Luis



[American Wasteland]

[American Wasteland]