[Neuro: Drink With A Purpose]

A little break from fashion to talk a little about my favorite new drink, Neuro. These days I've definitely been on the hunt for a caffeine alternative that can replace my detrimental addiction to coffee. The caffeine in coffee and I don't mix too well but I stay true to my coffee because I love the taste of it so much. But, knowing my body, I knew I needed to find a replacement for days where I need an extra boost but couldn't afford to feel tight-chested and jittery. Honestly, I've never been a huge fan of energy drinks so I was a little hesitant to try out the new drinks from Neuro but upon finding out that there were no artificial flavors used in any of their drinks and that each bottle used ingredients scientifically engineered to produce positive results, I thought there couldn't be any harm in trying it out. I went for my first taste test with the Bliss. I surprised to find that the taste of the drink was quite pleasant. It didn't taste highly saturated in sugar and it had a hint of carbonation that was quite refreshing. I usually get super anxious on busy days so it's nice to know that there is a drink I can grab quickly and know I can rely on its effects. My stomach usually feels bloated after drinking carbonated drinks but only a few sips is necessary with each drink to get the full experience, so I was able to pace myself throughout the day, which fit perfectly with my lifestyle. 

But my ultimate favorite drink from Neuro is the Sonic drink. Like I mentioned earlier, I was initially looking for an alternative to my coffee and this, I must say, worked beautifully. I've been grabbing for Sonic on days I've been feeling less energetic, mostly on days I have class or staying in too long-- the heat has been making me feel quite sluggish. Just like the Bliss, I felt the effects immediately, which I love. This is also my favorite taste from the bunch so I like to savor it throughout class or with a meal. I also love to finish off a meal with this Neuro drink, just as I would with coffee. I might skip dessert sometimes, but I always like to end with a meal with some sort of caffeine, whether it's coffee or tea, and now, Neuro.  

I tend to get sick easily, which is something I'm trying to work on, so I was happy to find the newest addition to my Neuro collection, the Daily Immunity drink. I never took Emergen-C because the thought of drinking flavored water made me gag. But since Neuro packaged their vitamin-packed drink in a delightful non-threatening carbonated form, I thought it wouldn't be too bad. And it wasn't! A definite winner in the taste department and just like the other two drinks I've tried, it immediately made me more alert without the jitters.

I wasn't able to try the Sleep drink yet because I usually don't like drinking anything other than water before bed but I will definitely have to try it and report back if I ever experience trouble sleeping. I've been drinking Neuro for 2 months now and they have already naturally been becoming a part of my lifestyle. Whenever I need a quick boost of energy, I go for the Sonic. Whenever I feel like I'm needing a more calm element, I reach for the Bliss. 

On a side note, yes, this is a sponsored post but I would not tell y'all that a product was good if it truly wasn't. The taste, effectiveness, and overall experience was positive. Though coffee and tea are definitely much more natural in a sense, I've found more tightness in my chest from either of these options as opposed to drinking Neuro. I've also found the results to be much more immediate than regular coffee or tea. The accessibility is great as well. I like having the option of grabbing this instead of a coffee, especially when I'm in a rush. If you'd like to try Neuro, they are sold at most Wal-marts and Targets. Please feel free to also click on this link to find out more about Neuro and its scientific benefits.



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