["More Karma. Less Drama."]

"More Karma. Less Drama." "Accept More, Judge Less." "Worry Less. Live More." Here are a few encouraging words to refresh your week. A strong believer of positivity, I was immediately on board with this brand, Le Motto by She She Bon Bon that was designed to promote universal positivity and to fight against bullying. Each item has its own positive message that you can choose in a simple design so you can easily layer or throw it on however your mood strikes you. Basics are key items to have in your closet and why not do it with something that will use 10% of the profits towards anti-bullying campaigns? Check out their website at LeMotto.com  to see more designs and spread the word to promote anti-bullying and positivity by clicking that "Share" button.

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["More karma. Less drama." sweatshirt by Le Motto | DIY cut offs | Miss Wax Jewelry (win some Miss Wax jewelry! details here) + assorted jewelry | Timbs ]

Shot by David Hajoo Choi.