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[Monday Routine]

How to survive Mondays 101: stick to a routine. Step 1, figure out what to wear the day before. You've heard it before and now you'll hear it again. Honestly, this is the easiest way to get on with your Mondays or any day for that matter. By the way, how cute is this "I Hate Mondays" crop top from Always Me? It reminds me of when Paul Rudd's character in Anchorman 2 shows his latest work as a kitty photographer. Haha. 

Step 2, prepare your work bag or school bag the day before. Another simple task but also essential to not losing your mind the first day of the week.

Step 3, figure out breakfast. Keep it simple. I like to stick to smoothies or cereal. The first meal of the day is the most important-- make sure you're getting the nutrition you need without the fuss of having to decide what it is you're going to be eating. Decision fatigue. It's real. Don't fall into its trap. The less decisions you have to make for the day, the better. Make sure your energy is used towards making the ones that count.

Step 4, sleep at least 7-8 hours the night before. A well-rested mind is one that will make good decisions the day after. Plus, who doesn't enjoy recalling a few dreams to keep you inspired for the day?

Step 5, create a to-do list. I do it everyday to not only keep me organized but also to keep me motivated-- crossing off a task throughout the day makes it go by so much faster. Crossing off something on your to-do list has a wild sense of accomplishment. 

I hope these tips were helpful to your Mondays or any days of the week really. On days where I want to feel relaxed, a fedora and oversized knit cardigan always does the trick. I also love combining dusty cardigans with short shorts and crop tops. Comfortable has become synonymous with what's inside my wardrobe these days and I'm digging it. Nothing like getting away with an outfit that can pass as secondary PJs! Happy Monday, y'all.



What I'm Wearing:

[Missguided Fedora]

[Always Me "I Hate Mondays" Crop Top]

[LUV AJ choker]

[Zara Shorts (old)]

[Design History Duster Cardigan]

[Platform Sneakers from Tokyo]

[Mofé Esthetic Satchel]

Shot by Ryan Kim.

[Spring Stripes]

[Spring Stripes]

[Unbreakable + Newness from Showroom Joplin ]

[Unbreakable + Newness from Showroom Joplin ]