[MeWe: Let's Chat. Unfiltered.]

Privacy: a quality that is lacking when it comes to social media apps these days. The question of how do we monetize our app is always on the minds of new media ventures but this is what sets MeWe apart. They value the users and their privacy and want to create a space for users to feel safe and use this app without the fear of having Big Brother spying on you. They are creating a movement and reinvigorating the way we think of social media stating we are #Not4Sale. (Watch their video here.)


When you think of social media apps nowadays, a lot of what you see is curated and censored—a lot of what we post has lost its intimacy and in a way its genuineness as a way of keeping in touch with your friends and family. What happens when you combine the rawness of Snapchat, the customizable quality of Instagram, the quickness of What’s App and the creativity to allow yourself to fully express yourself in a chat or message? MeWe. All of the features you love about all your chat and social media apps are available in one easy-to-use app that allows you to customize your message with over 700+ emojis, and animated GIFs whilst allowing secret chat options and disappearing content features so you can post without the worry of data tracking, facial recognition, spying, and stalking as MeWe never invades the privacy of its users. I’m excited to be able to post without worrying about whether my photos or information is floating around the Cloud or Interspace unless I choose to do so. You can customize your group chats so you can have it private or public—which is perfect for a blogger like me who wants to post on social media to chat with all of you and also keep in touch with friends in family. Join the revolution of new age communication—the all-in-one app that never releases your personal information—and let big data know you’re #Not4Sale.

Here are MeWe’s features broken down in easy-to-read format:

  •  Cutting- edge texting and chat app
  • Unique custom camera
  • Disappearing content
  • Next-gen voice messaging
  • Secret chat with encryption options
  • Personal social cloud
  • Multiple/custom group profiles
  • Private and open groups
  • Animated GIFs
  • 700+ emojis

I created my own MeWe group specifically for fashion and beauty lovers—let’s chat! Unfiltered. Just the way it should be. I'll be uploading my daily outfits on this chat group! I'd love to see yours! I want this to be a very interactive space for those who love fashion and beauty. Whatever fashion or beauty dilemmas you're having, let's share! I'll also be sharing my daily fashion thoughts. I can't wait to hear what y'all have to say! 

I've also found it hard to answer all your questions on Instagram and the answers can get lost in the feed after a while, so this chat app is perfect for those who want to directly chat with me or anyone else in this chat group! Join my chat group here: https://mewe.com/join/the_ruby_element.