[LUPE x The Ruby Element]

Hi guys. Something cool just happened and there's just no other way to say it than to just say it... your girl just shot a full spread for a magazine. Pretty cool. But it was no ordinary magazine. LUPE is a magazine created by a band of photographers who dedicate their talent and efforts towards inspiring and creating true art and photography. LUPE celebrates the artist and beauty in all things. If a photo is worth a thousand words, LUPE would surely be a never-ending story.

What I love most about what I do, as I mentioned numerous times before is that I meet the most talented people who truly love what they do. People who inspire me the most are people who aren't afraid to go for their dreams, even if it means being completely broke. Los Angeles is such an interesting city. A city that capitalizes on people's love affair with fame and fortune when in reality, everything is powdered and retouched to create a false reality; which then everyone strives to be or have or live. What we hoped to capture in this series is the real life of what it is to live in Los Angeles chasing after your dreams. Buying clothes you can't afford, feeling lost, finding false sense of happiness through material things and supplements, and continuing your internal battle with the life you want with the life you are living. 

The struggle between the dream you want to live and the reality you are living is what most dreamers will torment themselves over for almost all of their lives. Is there anything that holds you back from achieving what you truly love? What can you do to overcome it?

I hope all you dreamers fulfill your dreams no matter what it takes. Be true to yourself, love what you do, and support each other! We are stronger together. Promise. 



For LUPE magazine - under construction.

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Shot by Sungwook Kim.