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[Leibish Diamonds + Breast Cancer Awareness]

[Leibish Diamonds + Breast Cancer Awareness]

To those who have been regularly checking up on my page, thank you! I see you! :) The past few months, I've been redesigning (still a work in progress) and rebranding the blog to represent who I feel I am at this present moment. So for that reason, I have not been posting regularly on this space. Because I wanted a clear idea on how I want to represent the new Ruby Element, I had to stop and experience life for a minute-- change my diet, take on a exercise routine, try new beauty products, enjoy moments with my loved ones, and travel. In this new chapter, I want to talk about experiences in all elements of my life-- all encompassing my overall outlook on positivity and balance in life. This is just a mini-intro to something I hope to build over the next few months. But don't worry, there will still be many outfit posts to look forward to! 

On that note, let me talk about this beautiful pink diamond rose gold pendant by Leibish & Co for a minute. Although Breast Cancer Awareness month was last month, I wanted to talk about this elegant symbol of hope for many women who fought, is fighting, or know people who fought breast cancer because there's never a bad time for a good cause! This particular cause has a really special place in my heart as a family member had breast cancer, fought it and is my ultimate inspiration for life.

I was deciding how personal I wanted to get in this blog post because it is a private matter but I wanted to share my own experience with this to those who might be going through the same thing. Once someone in your life gets cancer, you are affected forever. You realize everything you complain about or get upset about is trivial in comparison. You never underestimate your time together and life becomes so much more precious. You see things more clearly and your life's purpose becomes a little bit more significant. Every action matters. 

Going through something so physically and emotionally draining, one would imagine a person would feel hopeless or weak but I have never seen anyone overcome something with such strong determination, strength, and grace. Never complaining about the situation, never skipping meals, and constantly making time for friends and family-- this person was living life the fullest. Truly. Even so, having support and a community of people who went through the same thing is something that can further assist with the healing process. Communities like ReThink Breast Cancer, an organization dedicated to empowering and educating  young women about breast cancer, and online forums educate and help women who are looking for resources to overcome the emotional and physical changes that their bodies are going through when fighting and have fought breast cancer. I know without these support groups, the person in my life wouldn't have been as strong or knowledgable of their situation and for this, I am forever grateful to these communities. 

Seeing life through these person's eyes, I was truly inspired to live everyday with a purpose. Create a mission in your life and fight for it everyday! And that's exactly how you should do it: fight!

So, in honor of those who are fighting for their lives and specifically those who are fighting breast cancer or know someone who is fighting breast cancer, I am hosting a giveaway with my good friends at Leibish & Co. Leibish & Co launched their THINK PINK campaign in honor of breast cancer awareness last month and will take 10% off any loose pink diamonds or any jewelry that includes pink diamonds. Additionally, $100 of each jewelry purchase will be donated to Rethink Breast Cancer. I will be giving away this beautiful rose gold pendant wrapped around a brilliant pink diamond. Yes, that's a real diamond folks!

All you have to do is comment down below who or what inspires you to fight for your life everyday! Winner will be announced in a week on 11/20/15, 9 AM (PST) on my Instagram account (@therubyelement) so make sure you're following me there to stay updated!

In addition, I'd like to donate $1 per like, comment, and share on this blog post in further support of these communities. I will do a live streaming of this on my Periscope account (@therubyelement) the same day I announce the winner of the pink diamond pendant from Leibish & Co. so you know I'm serious about this! Every action matters-- let's spread the word!



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[OOTD: Stripes + Leather]

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