[Leather + Lace]

A dark lip isn't always reserved for fall, in my humble opinion. I love a good dark lip with a feminine piece like this lace dress from my JYJZ boutique. What better than to finish up the look with more darkness with a leather jacket and black sexy strappy heels? An easy updo for summer is this twisted braid that I created using only bobby pins. Some kind of necessary when it's as hot as it is these days. The leather might not be practical but you can't strip me away from leather no matter what season.

On a personal note, I don't know if it's the hotter weather or the fact that my To-Do list constantly seems to be never ending but my nights have been fraught with insomnia and thus creating a mess the following day. I'm determined to break this cycle, first by visiting the closest office supply store and buying tons of filing folders and boxes to organize my paperwork. Then I will slowly work my way into my closet. I am almost too afraid to even venture there-- it is an abyss right now but it must be done. A clean space equals a clean mind. I'm also in a transition in my own personal style-- I'm trying to minimize my closet as much as possible. I'm currently in a phase of "less is more". Less makeup (though not reflective in this post with that bold lip-- it is true in everyday life), less jewelry, less graphics. I'm more interested in silhouettes and simple, effortless looks. Call me boring but it's a bit liberating not being weighed down by trying to figure out what I should accessorize my look with and what kind of makeup I should wear that day. I'm also truly embracing "true casual wear"-- whatever that means. I'll be sure to do a separate post on this so y'all can put a look to this idea. Until then... happy Sunday! I'm off to organize my life!

x [rp]

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