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[Las Vegas Trip: Mandarin Oriental | TEALEAVES]

[Las Vegas Trip: Mandarin Oriental | TEALEAVES]

Earlier this month, I was lucky enough to be invited to stay at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Las Vegas to experience the lovely accommodations of this Eastern-inspired hotel along with their infamous tea lounge packed with a menu with luxury teas from TEALEAVES. TEALEAVES recently collaborated with PANTONE on the design of each of its new Whole Leaf Pyramid Teabags, that were each inspired by a particular mood, which were each paired with a color selected by PANTONE. To learn more about these teas and different tea recipes inspired by tea + color + mood, click here

Upon arriving at this beautiful location filled with luxurious velvety reds and real-life blooms hanging from the ceiling, my sister and I thought it most appropriate to start our mini weekend getaway the right way and enjoy our breakfast with a view by the cool poolside. How perfectly dressed our waitresses were in their retro one-piece in white. Not an ounce of imperfection: this location was designed with the utmost class.

After finishing our breakfasts, it was time to rest our heads in our plush beds and wait for our massage appointments. Everything in the room was controlled easily with a digital remote that displayed room settings on the huge flat screen TV. Privacy can be requested with a quick click of a button as well as a complete blackout of the room where the shades automatically close to give you the rest you need. It was impossible not to knock out quickly.

A quick preparation for the spa and our massage appointment, we were ready to indulge ourselves in some pampering. The spa was Forbes rated, so we knew it must be a must-visit. Once arriving, we were greeted by the host and served peppermint tea and water and starting filling out surveys that personalized our massages to pinpoint our problem areas, which could range from specific painful muscles or insomnia and depression.


We were led into the spa area, where you can enjoy a hot steam sauna or a dip in your choice of hot tub and then into a large room with multiple lay-down couches fit with a gorgeous view of the city. We were then offered refreshments as we were waiting for our masseuses.

After an hour and a half of sweet bliss, you are offered some peppermint tea to clear your mind, further your relaxation, and conclude your massage session. My sister and I opted for the detoxifying foot massages to release tension and work on our feet as my sister had been walking around a lot on her honeymoon to Oaxaca.

With a few minutes before happy hour, we enjoyed a 3-tier tower of desserts compliments of Mandarin Oriental. My favorite was the chocolate peanut butter disk. With all those sweets, we needed some cocktails to wash it down. So we headed to the rooftop bar and I ordered a scotch-based cocktail while my sister ordered the Dogfish Head IPA. Shortly after, we swooped on over to the MGM Grand to enjoy our dinner at Hakkassan, a very Eastern-themed weekend. My favorite dish had to be the steamed dimsum—if only I could have that everyday.

[What I'm Wearing: Style Moi Crop Top,  Jakimac Harness ,  Greenpoint Girls Skirt ,  Public Desire Boots  | Bellagio]

[What I'm Wearing: Style Moi Crop Top, Jakimac HarnessGreenpoint Girls Skirt, Public Desire Boots | Bellagio]

I have never watched a Cirque du Soleil show so next on our list was “O” at the Bellagio. I must’ve enjoyed it too much because we were both pretty beat after the show so we decided to skip our original plans to go to the night swim with Kaskade. Next time! This weekend was dedicated to indulgence and relaxation.

Upon waking up leisurely to a beautiful view of the strip, it was time to prep for teatime! We got ready a little earlier than expected, so we had a quick bite at the café couple levels down. We enjoyed our breakfast and headed over to the tea lounge. We were escorted to the middle table in front of the huge glass windows again fully displaying the lovely Vegas strip—not a bad way to start your week.

After reviewing the menu, my sister and I chose our teas. My sister chose the organic lychee green tea and I chose the white blossom tea. We each tried the Sunbeam cocktail that used TEALEAVESchamomile as the base of the drink. A peculiar taste for a cocktail, though it matched harmoniously with the teas and light bites in front of us. Teatime consisted of 3 tiers of hors d’oeuvres that started with savory light bites and escalated to a sweet heaven. My favorite was a small tower made up of a cream puff with a tiny macaron on top. A beautiful setup and experience for a relaxing Monday afternoon. But sadly, it was time to go home.

Click to view how to create the Sunbeam cocktail:

Thank you to Mandarin Oriental Hotels and TEALEAVES for sending me on this heavenly trip. This was the perfect classy mini getaway for two girls who just needed a bit of a break from the hustle and bustle of LA.



[LA Girl]

[LA Girl]