[Korean Streetstyle: Streetper x The Ruby Element]

Going to Korea during the springtime definitely has its perks. The past 3 weeks were spent in Korea and I was so thrilled to finally be in the motherland at a tolerable temperature. Streetstyle and fashion is huge at Garosugil in South Korea, what many Koreans would compare to California's Beverly Hills. You'll find a lot of high-end stores, mixed in with a variety of street pop-up stores, with tons of streetstyle to appreciate. Many streetstyle photographers hang out at Garosugil in hopes of snapping some stylish passerbys and top models. For some, this is a full-time gig. I was lucky enough to get some snaps by Streetper, a popular streetstyle photographer. Enemood and I were hanging out at her incredibly chic new office space and went downstairs and ran into Streetper, who snapped some streetstyle photos for us-- my first set in Korea, which I'm pretty excited about. Let me know what you think!

Yes, I seem to be loving the black and whites a lot these days! Haha. Something about monochrome colors that make my heart sing! Also, this playsuit that's originally  $140 is now only $40! Take advantage now as you all know you'll need that white playsuit for those lazy summer days. Playsuits will be my summer uniform this year. Now, if LA would match up to its normal 90 degree weather that would be great.