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[Jewel Toned]

[Jewel Toned]

Nearing the holidays and you need something to suck in all that extra helping of stuffing and pumpkin pie so I thought I'd review a new shapewear brand called Jewel Toned for y'all. It's a brand that makes shapewear a little more colorful and sexy-- in between the lines of is it or isn't it underwear. Where so many shapewear fail, Jewel Toned makes an effort to give you not-so-grandma underwear that you may even feel compelled to wear as a mini dress out on a night out. Immediately when you slip it on you get a elastic feel that clings to your body, as good shapewear should-- this way you know it's working!  Not to mention it's buttery soft. The material isn't itchy, so you won't feel uncomfortable throughout the day. Also, if you aren't afraid to go mini, you can even layer it up with all your fall goodies. Take a look at how I wore mine in the photos below! And for those who wanted a headstart on their Black Friday shopping, here's 20% off discount code off the entire website: LOOKMANOBRA !




What I'm Wearing:

[Beanie- Korea]

[Sweater- Suburban Riot]

[Mini Dress- Jewel Toned]

[Thigh Highs- XXI]

[Platform Heels- Stylenanda (old, similar here)]

Shot by Nicole.


[School Girl + Always Me Giveaway]

[School Girl + Always Me Giveaway]

[Always Me x The Ruby Element: Good Vibes]

[Always Me x The Ruby Element: Good Vibes]