[Jeju Island]

My mom, grandma, and I had the opportunity to get away on a 3 day trip to Jeju island and the memories and experiences we have shared on this trip will be unforgettable. This are just snapshots of the hotel we stayed in that overlooked the ocean-- it was truly a sight to see. Though it was not as hot as we all expected and the extensive walking and sightseeing became overwhelming, it was nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Easy, breezy outfits are key to a vacation well-spent in my book. A jumpsuit is the perfect way to look put together without much effort. A sucker for stripes so of course this jumpsuit immediately caught my eye and the low back and flowy, 70s wide-leg pants made it all the more irresistable. I would definitely see myself wearing this out or indoors. The silky material makes it feel amazing on the skin, and aces the island wind-blowing look. Cheers to being chic and comfortable! More from my Korea trip coming soon! Stay tuned!