[Introducing: Sky Lim SS 2016]

Hello, 2016! This is my first blog post of the year and to kick it off with one of my favorite designers of all time and a new photographer friend makes it all the more exciting. I connected with Sky about a year ago at a fashion app dinner and immediately fell in love with her energy and killer sense of style. I honestly never say I love every piece of a designer's collection but Sky's new SS 2016 collection is everything I love about clothing. The perfect combination of effortless and cool has come together in her newest collection that will be launching in the upcoming months so stay tuned! This is just a sneak peek of some of my favorite pieces from the collection. What I appreciate about Sky is her attention to detail when it comes to design. The print on the jeans were hand-drawn by the designer herself. The artistry of mixing prints was definitely done right in this collection.

I loved the idea of pairing this cropped sweater with these pants because they still had the same color palette but played with different prints. Her whole collection was modeled this way so each piece can be worn together or paired with something else in your closet. They're all very versatile pieces. Nothing like feeling like a badass whenever you throw on an outfit and the feeling is real with everything in Sky Lim's newest collection. I am very excited to share this sneak peek with you! Many more coming your way so be sure to follow along through my (@therubyelement) and Sky's Instagram

Also special thanks to Rudy for shooting this set. I immediately knew I wanted a super grunge look so I love that we stumbled upon this warehouse to reinforce that vibe. Ru(d)(b)y first collab--  what do y'all think? 



What I'm Wearing:

[Sky Lim Cropped Sweater- coming soon!]

[Sky Lim Printed Jeans- coming soon!]

[Circus by Sam Edelman]

Shot by Rudy Widjaja.