I Love You, LA

After enduring the blistering cold in Asia, LA, I'm sort of in love with you. I am completely infatuated with the 80 something degree weather we've been having all week. My week: enjoying more outdoor lunches and drives to and from meetings (minus the traffic). Completely taking advantage of this iced coffee weather to finally break in these bad ass shorts from Calvin Rucker. I love how you can incorporate casual elements like an unbuttoned denim shirt and crop top to completely transform these shorts into the perfect daytime look. Pin stripes are back. That is all. 

x [rp]


[the elements: Karen Walker Number One, Electro Pink 3CE lip pigment (recalled), Calvin Klein denim button up, sparkle & fade quilted crop top (sold out, similar crop top), Calvin Rucker shorts, Jeffrey Campbell Soiree sandals]

Source: www.therubyelement.com