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Welcome to The Ruby Element. [style] + [beauty] + [travel] + everything in between. I hope you enjoy your stay! x

[Hello Yellow]

[Hello Yellow]

Yellow! As Los Angeles' weather has been climbing peak temperatures, my longing for the fall season has become increasingly desperate as I began to find ways to wear fall things with my summer apparel. Traveling a lot these past few months, I found that layering is always a good way to make sure you're well-covered throughout the day when you're roaming around the hot streets of New York or exploring the peaks of mountains in Vancouver. Oh, and I picked up long boarding! Ah, summer 2017. You were truly unforgettable.


Also, if I were to pick a color for my mood lately, it would be yellow. It's mellow, vibrant, and screams happy. Not to mention it perfectly ties in summer elements into the fall season and what is more is that all my favorite brands are starting to create pieces in this shade. Yes. 


More outfits and unsolicited thoughts from my travels coming soon. I'm going to be creating content weekly so stay tuned! Thank you to all who continued to support during my break and we will return back to the regular scheduled program. (Missed you.




Sunglasses: [Perverse]

Earrings: [Jenny Bird]

Sweater: [Superdry]

Shorts: [Sabo Skirt]

Shoes: [T.U.K. Shoes]

[Rose Gold]

[Rose Gold]