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Whoo wee! LA, are you feeling this? The heat has been climbing up to the hundreds out here in LA but if you're only a few minutes away from the beach, I think we can make amends.

About a month ago, I shot a series at Santa Monica beach with Leo. We've been discussing collaborating for a while so it was great to finally be able to make it happen! You might know Leo as IAmKarenO's boyfriend, but he is also an amazing photographer. His photos always have a mood and grit to them that I love with colors and tones that emulate a dark yet romantic effect. I always appreciate people who are constantly looking to improve or learn more about their field of expertise. That's what I appreciate about Leo-- he's not shy about asking questions or improving his craft. 


It was quite cold and windy this day but now I think I can fully appreciate the beach now that we are in the heart of summer. I've been gravitating towards easy-to-wear yet flattering pieces. This one just happens to have an adorable color and print to it-- looks to match my pink sunnies perfectly. 

I've been loving the casual Brooklyn streetwear look that Green Point Girls takes on with Harajuku flare. I love that you can wear it very easily and casually without accessorizing too much as it is already such a statement on its own. This has been my favorite lazy day outfit this summer.

What I'm Wearing:

[Dress: Green Point Girls]

[Sunglasses: Zero UV]

[Bag: Missguided (old)]

[Watch: Breda]

[Shoes: Vans]

Shot by Leo.

Also, for those of you who haven't seen my Garnier commercial yet, here it is!

[Daily Outfit]

[Daily Outfit]

[Current Colored Haircare Routine]

[Current Colored Haircare Routine]