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Harajuku Girls

Harajuku Girls

Tulle, bleach, and oversized men's style trousers-- just a few things every Japanese girl should have in her closet. Walking down the streets of Harajuku, you will surely be inspired. There is no shortage to creativity when Japanese people put their outfits together. A common denominator: oversized knits. These layering pros use oversized knits as their base element to craft their unique style with bold accessories and cool hair styles. Key trends I noticed in Harajuku were tulle, bleach, menswear, and unique accessories.

Tulle, commonly seen on Anime girls on the streets of Akihabara, was sold in almost every store in Harajuku. The feminine quality paired well with tough elements, such as a quilted leather jacket or creepers. Though short tulle can seem a bit costume-y in the States, longer tulle skirts can easily be used with denim or leather to tone down the flamboyant quality.

Harajuku is known to fearlessly take on fashion and beauty is no different. Tumblr-happy lavenders, platinum blondes, and silvers were seen everywhere in Tokyo. Light hair goes perfectly with fashion. It immediately dresses up your look-- though lighter hair is a bit more high maintenance so you'll definitely need to be wearing some makeup and make sure your hair is somewhat styled. 

Next, menswear. Menswear is quickly becoming one of my favorite trends and I loved how these girls styled their knits with suspenders and oversized trousers. You can dress it down with denim and sneakers as seen below or you can go for trousers and creepers. The key is to tuck in your sweater or tee so you don't completely lose your feminine shape.

Lastly, dope accessories. I particularly loved how this girl paired the colorful body jewelry with the leather choker. Two completely opposing ideas but it somehow works! I thought long, dangly earrings were such a hassle, but after seeing these girls (last two) at this specific store called "me" on Harajuku street (mentioned here), I was completely inspired. Wearing long earrings with an overall androgynous look is so chic-- I'm definitely going to try it out.

Overall, my stay in Tokyo proved to be short-lived but truly unforgettable. I know I will be going back-- hopefully very soon. I heart Tokyo. Ai shi teru. 

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