Hi, blog world. I'm back after what seems like a lifetime. Truth be told, I haven't been blogging as much because I haven't been feeling inspired lately. Originally when I started blogging, I thought I would be sharing a lot more adventures will y'all in all aspects of my life, not just fashion. Though fashion is a key component to my identity and life, I also have many interests outside of this, including food, travel, beauty, fitness, and art. To really hone in on these ideas, I wanted to take a solid break to really break down what I wanted to talk about. No grey areas. No in between dillydallying. I wanted to break down personal experiences, like my recent struggle with winter breakouts, in addition to my ever-persistent battle to try and conquer my hate for working out. I want to share 100% of things that inspire or take part in my life so when RJ approached me to take part in his Art For the Pain project, I was completely on board. AFTP is an artistic departure from the commercial, a more emotional experience that lives solely for its existence as photography as art. No selling points. No BS. Just photography. Similarly, I want to show y'all me, The Ruby Element, on a more personal level, sharing all aspects of my life, including things outside of just fashion and personal style. 

I've been going through a very experimental phase with beauty-- as you can see. I am now a grey-head, well, I guess violet-grey-head to be exact. Haha. I had my hair done by the amazing James Miju, which took roughly about 6 hours to achieve this look. Worth it? I would have to say so. I definitely feel more inspired and light-headed. Haha. Pun intended. 

So, what is this new direction of The Ruby Element that you'll see? A lot more of me. Haha. So, I hope you're not sick of me yet! I want to embark new adventures and share them with you all. As my new year progresses, I am finding more reason for travel, more reason to eat at delicious new restaurants, make dates with friends, start new projects, and learn more about things I care about- aka cooking, fitness, beauty, reads, art, film. So, be sure to read a lot more about this, with The Ruby Element take, of course. 

I have to thank you all for being so patient with this transition and I promise you the wait will be worthwhile. I have a Valentine's lookbook prepared for y'all as well as tips to help keep you inspired, keeping you on the right track, and building your life towards a better you. As many of you may know, I work part-time at a psych clinic, which is because I have a high curiosity for human behavior, intellect, and emotions; consistently enriching your mind, and being the best possible you. I want to share some of my experiences with these topics at work, so keep a lookout for those posts in the future!

I'm very excited for y'all to take part in this journey with me! No more grey areas! Let's color our worlds with adventures! Mmk? Haha. ;) Love you guys!