[Golden Hour]

I shot this with Lisa Linh exactly a week ago in at Vista Hermosa Natural Park. What element of these photos I was so taken by was the perfect lighting, which I jokingly mentioned made me look like a fairy. The timing was just perfect. There is what I like to call a "golden hour", which is the most ideal time to create impeccable results. What I love about spring time is this idea of transformation. Flowers blooming, the first of fresh summer fruit being wheeled into the markets, and a sense of revival that is somewhat all around. There's a feeling of lightness all around-- warmer weather calls for lighter clothing, which ultimately revives diet plans and exercise routines. I'm all about getting back into shape when spring or summer rolls around the corner but I've never actually been on a strict form of dieting (I love food too much!) or exercise (I hate it!) but this year I'm determined to get on a healthy streak and make life-long changes to my overall diet and exercise plan. I'm looking forward to starting a new lifestyle change-- and I'll record my progress here so I can keep myself accountable and hopefully share some helpful tips with y'all! I will be another year older in 2 days (Yikes!) and I want to start it off right. This is the perfect time to make a change in my life for the better. #Leggo

x [RP]

[the elements | DIY flower crown | tildon crochet top (similar here) | XXI overalls | Tobi socks | Jeffrey Campbell Suspect Platforms (similar here)] 

Shot by Lisa Linh.

Source: www.therubyelement.com