[Floral Elements]

Floral elements and hippie vibes to kick off my birthday since it's also Earth Day! (Recycle, reuse, and do something good for Mother Earth today!) This is my version of a "birthday suit"-- the floral romper in all its glory. Floral elements are really complemented by none other than other floral elements! I just had to top this look off with this amazing hair crown I found at Zara. It's super sturdy and fits perfectly around my head. It did get a tad uncomfortable after a while-- but if you love something, you stick to it! (There's a life lesson there somewhere. Haha)

We shot this at the LACMA Berlin Wall Project. (See the actual Berlin Wall here in my visit to Germany last summer.) A great spot to have lunch and hang out. They have a line of food trucks there and for those of you who asked about the delicious basil garlic fries I had this weekend in my Instagram post. It was from a Thai food truck (I forgot the name. Oops! But they also sold sliders that looked amazing!) I never really explored this much of LACMA until this weekend-- we went to the DVF exhibit, which is now a separate exhibition space (outside of LACMA) and played a bit inside the main museum, which has gorgeous architecture all around that can be considered art as well and finally found ourselves at the food trucks in front of the Berlin Wall Project. A great full-day adventure to go on if you're ever in the area! 

Why am I this ecstatic in this photo?

Because of this little guy! Ah, he stole my heart this weekend bouncing around like the adorable ball that he was. I'm officially getting a squishy faced dog if I ever find the time and place to take care of one. 

Happy Groovy Ruby Tuesday, y'all! Birthday and it's on a Tuesday! Sch-weet! Gonna load up on some tacos and beer! Thanks for reading! :)

x [RP]

[elements | headpiece: zara | romper: love junkee | bralette: passionata | necklaces: japan + luv aj | shoes: top shop (old, similar here, here, and here)

Shot by Don Le.

Source: www.therubyelement.com