[Float On]

Flares and crocheted floral arrangements in just the right places. The bell-shaped sleeves inspired long-dangly jewelry and tasseled chains. I felt like I could be a 70's runaway, hitching a ride to my next show, being one with nature-- which reminds me I'll be going up north to Davis to visit my sister quite soon. So excited to be reunited again. No summer vacation around the world this time, but being in my favorite city, San Francisco should be just as delightful. Bring on the stretchy pants, I'm ready for some good eatin'.

x [RP]

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[lips | Ravishing by MACblush | Orgasm by NARSdress + rings | Charlotte Russenecklace + bracelet | Isadora, heels | Aldo

Shot by Ryan Chua.

Source: www.therubyelement.com