I love finding simple options that have just the perfect amount of flare to be the center piece. Take this simple black top by JYJZ, for example, and how to flares out on the sleeves accentuating your small frame. Puffed out sleeves give an illusion of a smaller frame or a smaller waist. A modern take on the shoulder pads, if you will. I love the mesh panel on the sleeves as well. Gives more life to an overall simple top. I shot this last summer, but I'm in a bit of a retro mood-- meaning, I'm finding inspiration from things I've worn in the past. I like going back to basics to settle my mind of the overwhelming fashion trends that are happening around me. Keep it simple. That's all. I'm happy to be going away for the weekend. It'll be a good mini vacay to celebrate the end of my first truly amazing week of 2015. Another resolution I'm hoping I stick to! Travel more. I'll keep y'all updated on what I'm up to but in the meantime, I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Ciao, bellas! ;) Happy weekend, everyone!



What I'm Wearing:

[JYJZ Black Asss Top]

[Lovers + Friends Cutoffs (ON SALE!)]

[Zara Boots (old, similar here, here, and here)]