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[ + $1000 Shopping Spree]

[ + $1000 Shopping Spree]

Unicorn taxidermy displays, neon signs to up your home décor game, gold pineapple tumblers with matching gold straws, and Instagram photo printers from Polaroid to make your trendy hearts sing. Everything you pinned on Pinterest, liked on Facebook, or wondered about on Instagram is here. I found out about back in the day during the birth of Pinterest and Instagram because they were everywhere! All the cutest knick-knacks you can think of, has. Just moving into the city and being in the tech space, I found it necessary to find out about the latest in technology and of course decorate my new digs. So you can imagine, to my delight, when I found—the one-stop shop for everything I wanted to decorate my new place with, including everything new in technology. But it doesn't just stop there. makes it easy by curating the best in women's fashion, men's fashion, home, technology, art, and fun so you can upgrade all the things in your life.

Thanks to Fab, I was able to grab a few new items to spruce up my home and life in general. Here are my picks!

1. Linea Nº10 Bluetooth Headphones by Caeden


My search for good quality, high-end headphones is finally over! I'm so in love with these Linea Nº10 Bluetooth Headphones. The reason why I gravitated towards these headphones was the fact that they fit over the head as opposed to in the ear so i felt it would be the most ideal and most comfortable when you were working with your headphones for long periods of time. Also, I always feel as though it blocks out outside noise the best so you can avoid being hassled if you're in public and really get in focus mode when you're in it to win it to get shit done. Second, they have Bluetooth, so I didn't have to worry about getting my cords tangled in my backpack or having to take them off if I chose to move to grab a quick glass of water from the kitchen or check on my pup in the other room. I take them when I'm walking my dog, working outside, and doing chores around the house. I left my phone downstairs and was able to still listen to music while I was upstairs so I would say the range is pretty great. The sound quality is fantastic as well. The only time I hear it breaking up is when my batteries are low or if I get too far away from the device I'm listening to music from so I usually just pop my phone in my pocket and it seems to remedy the problem. I got them in the rose gold and white because my goodness that color combo is just so elegant. When headphones are as pretty as they are functional. Beauty and brains. You gotta love that.

2. Reykjavik Lomo'Instant Set +Film by Lomography

You can never have too many film cameras or Polaroid cameras I say. So you can imagine how excited I was to see that there was a new instant camera that provided different filters and lenses. Yas! So, first things first: Youtube. Let’s master this device! I hopped onto YouTube and learned how to install the batteries (not included) and start taking awesome photos! After realizing that my batteries were popped in the wrong way, I went to town on taking multiple selfies in variety of settings and of course with the new puppy in my life, Porter. Insert heart eyes. If you haven’t yet seen the love of my life, check out his Instagram account: @iadoptedporter

Here are a few examples of the type of photos I took with the different filters and lenses. I really love the variety of different looks you can achieve with this instant camera but I think it’ll take a few more tries to really understand how to use this camera. I’m still getting used to it. There are a few tricks with exposures I want to try to achieve that cool, multi-exposure look. I believe you can also use this camera on a tripod and use a clicker to take your instant photos to another level. I really enjoy fun photography things like this so if you like photography too and want a new, unique way to capture your moments, try this camera

3. Onyx Skandia 12PC Knife Block

When I think of home, I think of food. Being an adult means learning how to cook a lot more for yourself and possibly even for other people so I thought getting a good set of knives that would really last me a lifetime would be the best investment and encourage me to cook a lot more. My family has had the same cooking knives for years and somehow it brings about a lot of nostalgia. Throughout the years, we have lost a few from the set, but even having just one solid knife really sets apart your kitchen life and it lasts forever! I remember trying to manage to cook some dishes with only a steak knife and 3-inch cutting knife from Target. Man, it was tough! So, you could imagine my delight to see that Fab had this gorgeous knife set. It’s inspiring me to start cooking more! I am planning on creating some blog posts on my current diet and meals I enjoy so stay on the look out for that. I’ll also be able to give you a more solid review on these knives. To be honest, it was the sleek onyx color that drew me to these knives. It’s so elegant and unique! I’ve never seen anything like it. I think everything you own should reflect your personal style so to see black knives, well, geez, that just spoke straight to my soul.

4. CitiZ & Milk Black Espresso and Coffee Machine by Nespresso

One of the major things on my wish list was to own my very own espresso machine. I am a coffee addict. I cannot go through the day with at least one cup of coffee and don’t even try speaking to me when I haven’t had my caffeine in the morning. Life is just better when you have coffee. Ja know? I went bananas with this machine as soon as it came through my door. I cleaned it, rinsed it, flipped through the start up guide and started making my first ever caffe latte. 

I used the recipe book that came with the machine and put the blue Vivalto Lungo capsule with warm whisked almond milk poured on top. The machine is very simple to use and you get the perfect cup of coffee within a minute or less. I forgot to rinse out the extra water in the machine before making the cup of coffee so it turned out a little watery the first day so don’t forget to rinse out the machine every time you use it! I then proceeded to get a little inventive and try an iced cappuccino the following day. Man, oh man. ½ cold milk froth, ½ Linizio Lungo mix with a bit of organic cacao powder on top all chilled in a tall glass of crushed ice made my Saturday afternoon that much more enjoyable. Coffee shops around LA cried that day because it was the day I told myself I will never have to buy another cup of coffee again. 

5. Hustle Neon Sign

When it comes to chasing after a dream, there’s nothing more encouraging than a bright neon sign that sears that message from your eyes into your head. Though there is some negative connotation to the word “hustle” to some people, to me, this word means getting up everyday with a positive mind and attitude and work hard the best way you can to achieve those dreams. I’m excited to display this in my bedroom to go to bed with these lovely thoughts and wake up ready to work. To my curiosity with neon signs, I went to the original website where these neon signs are sold and you can apparently get some customizable neon signs. Pretty cool. I think I’ll definitely be investing in another neon sign as soon as I get an office space. It just elevates your living space. Modern meets late 70’s party life. I’m in love with mixing modern items with vintage elements so this fits the bill just right.

Anyways, I hope these reviews helped you get to know Fab a little bit more and maybe also sparked some kind of new inspiration for your space or life in general. As always, thank you for stopping by and please let me know if you have any requests for reviews you’d like me to do! 



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