[Easy, Everyday Winter Look]

Honestly, it's easy to get in a winter funk when it's freezing cold outside and you hate everything in your closet. Refresh your look by simplifying each element. I like to stick to simple, effortless looks. Minimize your accessories and use this easy formula: an easy-to-wear dress, oversized coat, and over-the-knee boots. Throw on a hat if it's extra cold where you live or you want to just add an extra element of je ne sai quoi. This formula literally works for any occasion and it'll look like you put in a lot more effort than it took. This has been my go-to look on days I really don't know what to wear, whether it's a date, an event, a dinner out with friends. It's always a solid choice. Also, these boots literally save any outfit. It has the platform to make it so, so comfortable to wear even if you're running errands and the perfect height to make it dressy if ever an event should require it. Good luck out there in the winter wild! I hope this helps with your winter dressing dilemmas!