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[Dress for Success]

[Dress for Success]

Graduation season. The season of endings and new beginnings – what a wonderful and scary time it is.  Sitting at my sister’s graduation this past week, I had a lot of thoughts going on in my head and a lot of time to reflect on my journey to where I am today. One speech in particular that resonated with me was that of what determines a person’s success. A lot can go into determining this-- 10% hard work, 20% luck, … but ultimately the highest percentage in determining anyone’s success is passion. If you don’t have the passion to do whatever it is that you want to do, it’ll be hard to go very far. Surround yourself around those who are just as passionate, create goals, work at it everyday, and don’t give up. There will be times where you feel as though everything seems worthless; but always see the bigger picture. What are you doing this for? A lot of people forget that this is your job. This is your future. Don’t let anyone else determine it or do it for you. In the end, you have to be happy with your choices and your life so always let that be a reminder for you everyday.

With that said, I'm so proud of my sister for graduating from UC Davis, number 1 Veterinarian School in the world, making them the top 2% of veterinarians in the world. Bragging because I know she never would! Love you sister! You inspire me to never give up and always work towards my dream.

I hope this motivates your work or school week! Let’s go get ‘em! Happy Tuesday, y’all.



This is our food coma faces. Haha. Too much Thai food. 

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[Hedonia Dress]

[Baroni Earrings]

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[Furla Mini Crossbody]

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Shot by Poppa Park

[Korean Streetstyle: Streetper x The Ruby Element]

[Korean Streetstyle: Streetper x The Ruby Element]

[Purple Phase]

[Purple Phase]