[De Anastacia Photography]

Girl power! I love when I meet badass females in the business that are just killing it! Many of you guys have seen some sneak peeks of my work with Natasha (aka De Anastacia or @deanastacia on Instagram) but I wanted to share a full blog post on all the images because the results are simply amazing. I've never worked with anyone who also sent over photos so quickly. I got my very first sneak peek within hours of shooting. What?!

When I first laid eyes on Natasha's work I just could not tear myself away. Dreamy, romantic feels that belong in your dream journal or reblogged somewhere on Tumblr-- this girl knows how to capture that young, wild, and free spirit directly into a photo. But even without words, I believe these photos definitely tell a story on its own. I'm so in love with these photos. Thanks again to Natasha for being the amazing photographer that she is! I hope y'all enjoy! Stay dreamy, loves!