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[Current Colored Haircare Routine]

[Current Colored Haircare Routine]

After dying and bleaching my hair so many times, I had to go through a lot of trial and error before finding a haircare routine that made my hair feel normal again. There is a lot of steps you need to take but if you want to maintain healthy hair after coloring and bleaching, this is an absolute must!

The first step I take is slather on as much coconut oil onto my hair as I can so all the nutrients and oils are soaked completely into every strand of hair. Coconut oil has been the best remedy for my damaged, bleached hair-- so if you're thinking of minimizing your haircare routine, this is one step I would not skip! I usually do this before my workout so I can get the oils really soaked into my hair over the hour and and a half I usually take for my workouts.

I evenly mix the cleansing conditioner in the palms of both of my hands and start distributing the product towards the scalp of my head I am very generous with this because I also don't want my hair to feel too greasy especially with all the coconut oil I used for my hair. After giving my scalp a good massage, I start moving towards the more damaged ends and leave a ton of conditioner at the bottom and leave this in my hair as I move onto my body. I wash the conditioner at the very end of my shower to make sure it's being conditioned throughout the shower.

After having the coconut oil massage for a good hour and a half, it's time to wash your hair! I've been cutting out the shampoo in my routine that strips a lot of moisture from your hair and instead have been using cleansing conditioner that not only washes all the oil and dirt from your hair but also conditions your hair. It also cuts one step from your haircare routine, which I can appreciate.

After hopping out of the shower, the next step is to prime and detangle your hair. I've been using Framesi's Color Lover Primer 11-- this miracle spray has 11 properties to help protect your colored hair. It retains color, helps repair damaged hair, fixes frizz, gives you more body, mends ends, creates a great base for styling, reverses static, protects your hair from heat, and is a very lightweight formula so you can continue to add more product to your hair without it feeling heavy or oily. 

I, then go in with my Wet Tangle Teezer brush to evenly distribute the product as well as make sure I get rid of any loose hair. What I love about this brush is that it doesn't pull your wet hair and smoothly brushes your hair in 3 easy swipes. 

Next, I've been using this Argan Oil as a base of moisture before using any styling products. I'm very generous again with this product to make sure every strand has its argan oil because this step locks in all the moisture when I dry my hair.

I've noticed when I don't blow dry my hair, my hair feels a lot more crispy and damaged than if I were to just to blow dry it. So even though it can get annoying on days I'm pretty tired, I make sure to blow dry my hair. 

I make sure the blow dryer is on low heat and low pressure to make sure I'm not putting too much heat onto my hair.

There's no need to put the dryer directly onto the hair so your hair isn't being damaged when you're blow drying. The design of the brush allows air to come through without damaging the hair. Perfect!

This design is perfect to grip and detangle without pain. It also minimizes the loss of hair when brushing. 

My favorite oil mist I've tried so far. I like to give my hair an extra boost of this stuff throughout the day if it's looking a bit dry as well. 

Next, it's time to curl and give your hair some texture!

Next, if you've ever bleached your hair, it's no secret that you'll lose a bit of hair. This is my fourth time bleaching my hair, so you can imagine the volume can be lacking. I like giving my hair and waves that extra texture by spraying the Ouai wave spray. Perfectly tousled beach waves, here we come! :) 

You can even give your roots an extra boost if it's looking flat. Rub a dub dub the Oribe dry texturizing spray into your scalp real good to give yourself that va-va voom volume.

Another reason my hair feels a lot softer when I blow dry my hair is that I've been using Tangle Teezer's new Blow Styling brush. Its design is made to create smooth, silky hair similar to Brazilian blowouts. I like that it's hefty so I can cover more surface area in less time. 

After the blow-drying process is done, I brush my hair with the ever-famous Tangle Teezer. I've been using this brush for a year and a half now and I haven't been able to use another brush since. It detangles your hair within seconds, without any pull and has the best design to travel with. I take the mini-version with me everywhere and when I'm traveling.

Oh, man. This stuff is amazing. The scent reminds me of the Rio Escada perfume from back in the day-- I don't even know if they make it anymore but g'damn. It smells insane! Amazing. But not only does it make your hair smell amazing, it gives even moisture to your hair. Hair oils should only be used at the bottoms of your hair. Avoid the scalp or you may look like you have dirty, oily hair. I love the design of this spray bottle because it lightly mists the perfect amount all over your head.

Again, put your curling iron on the lowest heat setting so you're not changing the color of your hair. I've learned the hard way after burning some color off when I got my hair first colored and had a brown patch for a month before being able to recolor.

Last, one of my holy grail hair products for any hair style. The Oribe Dry texturizing spray helps add more volume to your hair throughout the day and it smells incredible. I cannot finish a look without this spray. 

And brush out your curls with your fingers. and smooth out any uneven parts of your hair with coconut oil. I like to tease the top of my hair to give myself the just-out-of-bed look. I really like the undone, messy look. But if you like more put-together curls, I would skip this step.

Extra hair tips!

I know this is a long process so I usually modify throughout the week, depending on how busy my schedule is. But I would definitely recommend following this regime to maintain healthy, hair. I wash my hair every 2-3 days, depending on how dirty my hair feels. It's not good wash your hair too frequently when you have dyed or bleached hair. I would also recommend brushing your hair as much as you can throughout the day. You don't your hair to tangle into knots and eventually pull out more hair. Keep as much hair on your head as you can! One last tip I have for you is to take Biotin and Omega-3 pills. They're all natural and they help hair health and growth on the inside. It is guaranteed that you won't be obtaining enough nutrients and vitamins throughout the day on just your diet alone so I always recommend taking care of your hair from the inside and supplementing your diet with these pills. I've also been taking 2 Sugarbear Hair Vitamin Gummies every day. I truly wouldn't say this if I didn't believe it and they are not paying me to say this-- I genuinely believe they help with hair health and growth.

Thanks to Tangle Teezer for sponsoring this post and thanks to you guys for supporting the brands that support this blog so I can continue creating great content for y'all. Tangle Teezer made this blog post possible, but all opinions about the product are all my own.

If you have any further questions about haircare or what it's like to have colored/bleached hair, please leave it in the comments section below! Again, this is what has worked for me! If you have any tips that worked for you, please feel free to share in the comments section! Thanks so much for stopping by!