[Crochet + Eyelets]

Good morning, beautifuls! It is another day and I am happy to announce my official collaboration and partnership with JYJZ. JYJZ is an e-commerce website that houses specific boutiques curated by fashion bloggers and taste makers all around the US and I was lucky enough to be selected to be part of the buyer program. This allows me to hand select my favorite items from their store to share with y'all. Many of you know my dream is to own an online shop and I thought this would be a good introduction into giving y'all a taste of what might be in my little boutique that could. My boutique will be live this Sunday, June 29th, so keep yourselves up to date on what's to come by following me on my social networks! And use this link: bit.ly/therubyelement to sign up and get $5 off using the specified referral link!

Here is the first sneak peek at what's to come in my JYJZ boutique: this little white dress. The perfect formula to tea time success is this little white dress, carefree tousled hair, an orange lip with matching flatforms, and this crocheted handbag by Streetlevel bags. I'm venturing into more feminine and romantic pieces and I think summer is OK with it. They seem to understand each other quite well.