[City Girl]

"You can never leave the city." - Bunz (ze sis) But why would I ever? Steep hills and long walks didn't stop me from wearing 6" platform boots in San Francisco. I would say I'm most comfortable when I'm in something like this. If I were a cartoon, this would probably be my outfit throughout the series. Another good crop top and high-waisted combo but this time with a lace button-up and midi-skirt. My first midi experience happened only about 2 and a half months ago in this JYJZ midi skirt (still available here) and since then have become a strong believer in "the midi". It hits right above the ankle so you can wear your ankle length platform booties and socks too. I love wearing booties and showing a little bit of your socks-- it's a bit whimsical, which is always a good balance when your overall look is put together. Another favorite of mine this season, overlapping from last season: the choker. The choker ring feature reminds me of a bull ring or septum ring, which I'm completely on board with-- just don't know if I would go as far as getting one myself so this choker will have to do.

When you can dress head-to-toe in one label, then, missy, you got a good one so don't ever let it go! Missguided has not missed a beat since my discovery this summer and were my trusty fairy style-mothers on my trip to San Francisco trip last month so I have to give a huge thank you to them! Oh, and psst, Missguided is having a 15% off boots sale (only for 48 hours!) and 15% student discount right now! You're welcome.



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