Carole Shashona Jewelry and Meditation

Though some can argue they have experienced something spiritual when shopping for jewelry, New York style guru and wellness designer Carole Shashona actually connects her pieces with Buddhist ideals of empowerment, energizing, relaxation, and purity. Spending over 20 years in Hong Kong, she studied under a Feng Shui master that inspired her to design her jewelry to parallel these ideals of increasing harmony, balance, flow, prosperity, and health and wellness in people's everyday lives. (Read her full interview with Barney's here.)

Not only jewelry, but Shashona also has a whole line of products designed to "empower" and "purify" on the go. I was able to sample the Purifying Mist and Empowerment Candle and I am officially obsessed with both items. I like to light the Empowerment Candle before bed so I am relaxed and ready for my new day and spray a pump of Purifying Mist throughout the day whenever I feel too stressed out (especially with the holidays coming just around the corner) or need an extra boost of energy. Taking a moment to take a deep breath or meditate in our stressful lives really makes all the difference.  

For those of you who'll be in the Los Angeles area this Saturday, check out Carole Shashona's Trunk Show, exclusively at Barney's in Beverly Hills from 12- 4 PM. You'll be able to meet the designer herself and get a personalized "Manhattan Mantra" that will help you find inner peace "in a New York Minute". So worth it.

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[Carole Shashona, the designer]

[Carole Shashona, the designer]


See more of Carole Shashona's Black Diamond collection at Barney's here.