[Boys Club]

I'm a huge fan of the "boyfriend style". Anything over-sized with a worn-in look is my go-to for casual weekends like this one. Sadly, no Coachella for me. But I'd probably wear this to Coachella too. Because let's be honest, your hair isn't going to look perfect all day in the desert sun (so let's throw that up) and you want to feel comfortable when searching for the next band and going back and forth from your fort (so let's wear boy clothes... with, of course, at least one feminine element like this silk skirt so you're not completely lost in your clothes). TRE now taking over the boy's section. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekends!

x [RP]

[the elements | Ray Ban | Topman Bull Chain | Unif Muscle Tank (old, similar here) | abercrombie Sentinel Jacket (old, similar here) | gypsy 05 marble skirt | Docs]

Shot by Ben Miller.

Source: www.therubyelement.com