[Black Out Days]

Ah, SF. You never get old. Two weekends ago, I went up north for a mini vacation to visit the sis and boy, does it never disappoint. In the heart of LA's heat wave, I was pleasantly welcomed by SF's cool breeze. I'm much more of a fall girl myself so to take advantage of what was left of the summer to layer on a light cardigan was quite a treat. Our mid-day adventures took us to SoMa (South of Market) and we enjoyed a glass of beer at the Cellarmaking Brewing Co while waiting for Ryan to arrive. This brewery always showcases brand new beer options every time you go, so it's a great way to taste unique flavors without getting bored. The names of the beers are also fun, which is something I can appreciate. I treated myself to a Peach Killa- a light golden ale with a hint of peach flavor. My sister, being a IPA lover, went and got the darkest and hoppiest beer on the menu. After getting Ryan to drink with us, it was back to our old photo-snappin' ways. Off we went to the dodgy-est alley of course to capture the cool gray grittiness of SoMa to balance my all-black outfit. I love wearing black throughout the year but in celebration of being in a cool city, I went with all all-black palette with gold accessories and a vibrant pink lip to brighten up the look. 

After parting ways with Ryan, I went off to another boozy place called the Oddjob. It was my first time there so I was surprised to find that it was a speciality cocktail bar that you order drinks by taste. How cool is that? I requested for something sweet with champagne reminiscent of the French 75 and I got a beautiful cocktail light pink in color with bubbles from the champagne and a light hint of ginger beer garnished with a strawberry, which aromas filled your nose with every sip. 

It was then time for even more drinks (why not?) and meeting more friends in the city. We met at the Local Edition, a cool bar located on Market Street. Hidden away in the historical Hearst building led by a flight a stairs to the basement of what consisted of my Saturday night. Classic drinks and conversations flowed in an industrial setting as our night progressed and led us back to the Mission District. A completely unplanned but amazing night that always makes me fall more in love with this city. Until next time, San Francisco!

What I'm Wearing:

[choker- Missguided]

[cardigan- borrowed from le buns (similar here)]

[t-shirt dress- Missguided]

[waxed shorts- DSTLD]

[platform boots - Missguided]

Shot by Ryan Chua.