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[Birthday Girl + Sugarfina Giveaway]

[Birthday Girl + Sugarfina Giveaway]

It's my birthday today, guys and I want to celebrate with y'all by giving away a full bento box with delicious candies from Sugarfina! I indulged in a full tray of candies last week at a tasting for upcoming flavors at this gourmet candy boutique and I must say the difference in taste in comparison to regular candy is stark. You can really taste the quality in these candies as Sugarfina takes pride in scouting and selecting their perfect candies from all around the world.  

The boutique itself has a beautiful set up-- an Instagram-worthy photo at every turn. For anyone looking to gain interior inspiration, I would definitely recommend taking a trip to Sugarfina in Beverly Hills. The co-owner used to work for Mattel in design and you can tell right away where her influences come from when looking at the packaging, everything fits in a plastic glass cube fit with the perfect amount of candy. Each cube can fit inside their customizable bento boxes that are perfect for birthdays, graduations, or any special occasion with a loved one.

There are a variety of unique candies including a s'mores chocolate candy that you can actually heat upon the microwave and the outside candy shell remains intact while the inside of the candy oozes with all the marshmallow and chocolatey goodness that is s'mores. They also have blood orange gummies that I'd still like to try, a variety of licorice candies, and a unique chocolate candy that has an actual shot of Scotch inside (coming soon). However, my favorite candies have to be the champagne gummy bears, the peach bellinis, the triple chocolate malt balls, and the sugar lips. 

So now it's your turn to choose 3 of your favorite candies and let us know in my latest Instagram post for a chance to win a bento box full of your favorite candies. Simply follow these rules:

1. Follow both of our accounts (@sugarfina, @therubyelement) on Instagram

2. Tell us in the comments section below your top 3 favorite candies or candies you'd like to try and tag 2-3 friends

Good luck!

Sneaking away with half the store. Hehe! 



Shot by Dennis Lee

[Festival Style + $100 Missguided Giveaway]

[Festival Style + $100 Missguided Giveaway]

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[OOTD: Fringe + Flares]