[Beach Day]

Work weeks can be stressful and sometimes all you need is to plan a little day picnic at the beach for the weekend. I know it's still Monday but there's nothing wrong with planning the weekend already! There's just something about that fresh ocean breeze and enjoying the beautiful scenery. A little day picnic at the beach was just the remedy the man and I needed to take our minds off a stressful work week. Sand in my hair, don't care. I wanted to share my picnic photos with y'all but alas the photos were too blown out so you couldn't see anything. Boo. But if you must know, I borrowed a couple recipes online to create a healthy picnic spread: avocado toast, berry greek yogurt parfait, lemon kale and brussels sprout salad, and satsuma orange cheesecake for dessert. I'm becoming quite the chef these days. Ha. Sometimes you just have to give up your beloved instant food and say, "Sorry, I love you" to your body and you know what, your body will definitely thank you for it.

Also, trying some new silhouettes with bathing suits. I love this one by Paper Dolls because it has the low back and low vertical stripes front tucked into black bottoms to create the perfect two-piece that's a one-piece look. Love. Over the past few months, this multi-colored carry-all tote has become my go-to for groceries, light traveling, and now beach trips. The vinyl-like material makes it low-maintenance and the colorful print makes it hard to miss on your way out the door. The company, Sakroots, believes in giving back and uses the "Choose Your Karma" program to help you become more aware of local artists and charities that you can support. You donate and they match that donation. Pretty cool! Also, I have been in love with these circular aviators by Chilli Beans. Watch out for a giveaway soon on the blog!

Enjoy good company, eat healthy, and try new things. Good livin', guys. It exists. And it feels pretty awesome. 



What I'm Wearing:

[Chilli Beans Sunglasses]

[Paper Dolls Swimsuit]

[Sakroots Carry-all]