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[Au Revoir]

[Au Revoir]

There's something so elegant about a pink trench topped over delicate white elements. I've been particularly drawn to simple colors with classic silhouettes these days. I've also been obsessively on the hunt for my next wide-brimmed hat. It's such a shame my favorite things are so expensive! But good things come with a price, which comes to my next big announcement.

I will be going back to school this fall. I am planning a brand new career in a field completely different from fashion and marketing. This is a career I am wholly and utterly excited to venture into, in hopes of directly helping those in need. Ever since I could remember, I was on the constant hunt for happiness; and I was no stranger to questioning life and its purpose. I knew there was a deeper level to understanding why we as human beings always need bigger and better things, constant challenges, and validations for the things that we do. It's simple yet undoubtedly complicated. We long to be a part of a community; whether big or small, we desire to be accepted by others. In a world now dominated by social media, it's hard to actually enjoy what could be the perfect life to you. Pinterest, Tumblr, and now Instagram has filled our minds with these perfect lives that, in reality for most, are almost impossible to attain. The loss of not being able to attain these ideals can affect one's happiness and overall mental health. I want people to understand their own journey in life, each unique and just as important as those seen in the media. This is why I am making it my life's mission from here on out, in my journey to becoming a health psychologist, to understand and promote ways to improve your health and well being without succumbing to the pressures of society and social media. Be you. Find happiness in the things that you love. Don't let what others say or don't say affect your journey in life. Though this is one small example in a wide array of diseases and personal conflicts one can go through, I wanted to illustrate my thought process to this huge conclusion in my life.

With that said, I want to say au revoir to this chapter in my life-- I'm ready for the next one. I will definitely try to keep everyone updated on my fashion and lifestyle diaries through this channel as often as I can but graduate school will take number 1 priority in my life for the next couple of years. Thank you to everyone who has supported me thus far in this journey! I love you all!

x [rp]

[the elements: hat | Saks Fifth Avenue,

blouse | c/o 71 Stanton,

bra | c/o Third Love,

shorts | c/o Charlotte Russe,

trench | c/o JYJZ (sold out, similar here or here),

heels | Jeffrey Campbell (sold out, similar here or here)]

Shot by David Hajoo Choi.

[Trending: The Chloe Skort]

[Trending: The Chloe Skort]

[Leather + Lace]

[Leather + Lace]