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[Arm The Animals]

[Arm The Animals]

How do you decide what you wear every day? Would you want to start off your day making a difference? How about feeling good about what you're wearing not just because you have a cool print or cut but because you know what you're wearing might potentially help another living thing? This is the philosophy behind Arm The Animals clothing brand based in Los Angeles. Every design is inspired by animals and a good portion of their profits are donated to reputable shelters and "no kill" rescues to help animals in need. Every year, 4,000,000 - 5,000,000 animals are being euthanized due to simple human ignorance. Animals are not provided the basic care they need and in turn, are suffering for it. You can make a difference by purchasing anything from the Arm The Animals collection, spreading the word by clicking on that "share" button at the bottom of my blog post, or donating to your favorite rescue or charity. (Arm The Animals lists their rescue partners here. To read more about Arm The Animals' mission click here.) Animals need a voice too. Let's help spread the word about providing "no kill" rescues the resources they need to take care of animals who are neglected, abandoned, abused, and otherwise in need of help. Let's "Arm The Animals".



The Elements:

[hat | H&M

sunnies | Ray Ban

top | Arm The Animals "Fear The Deer" T

flannel | Living Doll, 

jeans | Lovers + Friends

boots | Docs]

Shot by Ryan Chua.

[Neuro: Drink With A Purpose]

[Neuro: Drink With A Purpose]

[Cotton Candy Dreams]

[Cotton Candy Dreams]